Remote Assistance

With remote assistance many software troubleshooting can be solved quickly and efficiently. Internet access should be working and stable, so that remote access can be connected. Please note that machine and component faults can not be diagnosed or fixed through this. More demanding software installations and troubleshooting should also be handled at our office.

Remote access without service agreement is always with fee. Costs according to fees listed below.

Remote access should always be scheduled in advance through the phone.

First starting 30 minutes – 35,00 €
Next starting 15 minutes – 15,00 €

Remote access assistant invoices come mainly as email attachments. Sending a paper invoice comes with extra fee of 3,00 €

You can download remote access software from the link below. Execute the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen. If needed we can keep an open phne call to you through the whole remote access session.

>> Download remote access software