Computer inspection

Mechanical tests are run through special programs, that test the computer’s component extremely throughly and detailedly. Broken components and faulty workings are revealed through this, and we have detailed sum of the machine’s health. Mechanical test should always be run through always when there is cause to believe that the computer’s performance has lowered. With this we can plan for needed servicing and avoid bigger costs, when problems are detected in time. If the machine is already malfunctioning, the tests can reveal the extent of the problems and possibility to retrieve information from the hard drive. Slow operating system is also checked for faults and workability.

The subjects of the tests

Processor is the brain of the computer and the test checks for the performance and possible errors to map in its working. The processor’s heat generation is also checked, so that the machine’s ventilation problems can be detected.

Computer’s central memory is the most important factor in smoothly running use and often the most common cause for dubious problems and computer crashing. The tests run multiple stressing methods to get a clear picture of component faults.

Computer’s harddrive often has irreplacable information, so tests to valuate its condition and anticipate possible problems is important. The test measure reading and writing speeds and the sectors used in storing information and the electronics.

By stressing the computer’s parts through tests simultaneously for their maximum performance we get precise information of the machine’s workings. Even the hardest problems can be diagnosed with this to get a clear picture of the whole situation.

Other components
Mechanical test includes a plethora of component tests from mikrotopology to reading and writing tests.

Further testing
If component testing finds problems or from multiple components simulatenously, then individual components are tests by themselves to get a clearer picture of the whole. Customer receives a detailed report of this work, to understand the situation with the computer.

Additional actions
According to the mechanical tests you can receive our help and spare parts for common problems. We service computers with care thoroughly.