Complete security package


Full year license now for only 59€

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Get rid of annoying update notifications, protect your computer from security-holes by using our program.

Lahden ATK-Klinikka’s complate security software ends annoying update requests from programs. For example Java, Adobe Reader, Flash Player, etc. Our program updates those programs automatically and continuously enforcing security by closing security-holes caused by unupdated programs.

Antivirus and Window’s automatic updates are not enough for your computer’s security, viruses and malware programs could also come through other important programs if those are not updated to the latest versions. For example Flash Pplayer, Adobe Reader, Java, etc.

Often these important programs have security-holes that malwares use to gain access to computers and antivirus program may not necessarily recognite these. It is important that programs are always updated to their newest versions, so that software security is the best possible available. Please also note that Window’s operating system update does not update these third party programs.

PcTurva+ updates automatically in the background those important programs and antivirus software. Every time you turn on your computer, PcTurva+ starts automatically.

The length of the update varies and depends how much updates are available.

Lahden ATK-Klinikka’s PcTurva+ gives complete software security to your computer.

ONLY 9,90€ per month OR whole year for 59€

Invoice for the service is sent every 3 months. Every invoice is then 29,70€. Your computer is always as well protected for use as possible with this agreement.

The agreement can also be continued in another computer, if the costumer for example changes his computer to a new one.